Hobbies, interests, some info about me.

DevOps, Systems & Automation

My interest in Linux and everything related to it started out almost a decade ago when hosting game servers for video games such as Soldat or Counter-Strike 1.6. Hosting these game servers usually required some degree of Linux skills, learning which sparked interest in how this whole Linux thing works, which has only grown from there.

I've had the privilege to work with businesses of all sizes - corporate and small teams - which have given me a lot of super fun experiences. There's a link to my resume in the navigation bar!

Self-protection & Martial Arts

In my free time, whenever I have the chance I love training in martial arts. I train and teach self-protection principles & techniques with people with varying backgrounds and skill levels.

My focus in teaching martial arts is real life danger, how to avoid it and if necessary - how to fight it.

Before gaining interest in martial arts I’ve trained Muay Thai. Trying out Krav Maga has given me a much-needed perspective on real world violence which sparked interest to help people learn to defend themselves.


Not much to say here - I like taking photos! 

Taking photos of animals, events and places seems to be what I like the most. Have a look at my Flickr for some of my photo work.